stateofdelhi.in holds a few engagements around the year

There are stateofdelhi walks through the eateries of old Delhi starting from Red Fort and culminating at Mirza Ghalib’s home (nothing better for a Dilliwalah than some sumptuous street food laced with a slice of history). Look out for the dates of our next walk.

 Then there is stateofdelhi shootgram contest that opens in the third week of March every year. Look out for notices for the 2019 shootgram.

All Dilliwalahs know what  spring-summer does to Delhi. So this spring-summer take your cameras out and capture Delhi when it looks like a bride. Send the photos to us at stateofdelhi@gmail.com along with a caption and your details. We would put that photograph on this site’s Shootgram Gallery soon.

We will take your participation as a consent to pass on the copyright of your photograph to stateofdelhi.in