This Autumn – Parshuram, Climate Summit & Ghalib

Not all delays are bad. Dilliwalahs learnt this when the monsoons receded late this year allowing the autumn season to first meekly peep out and then eventually taking center stage. Some people who migrated to Delhi in 2014 or later (the BJP Delhi unit’s chief being one of them) saw Delhi’s clear blue autumn skies for the first time in their lives. They say there is harmony in autumn but that harmony was limited only to blue sky in Delhi. Our friend AK was to address the C40 World Mayors Summit in Denmark but was denied permission by the center. You can trust the babus to deny him permission as the C40 Summit actually is about 94 cities and not 40 (misrepresentation of facts could have been a valid reason for denial!) but no – it was a political decision taken by the current dispensation at the center.

Now, there seems to be something that the BJP and its appointed Lt Governors have with AAP and Scandinavia. In 2016, the then LG, one Mr Jung, asked Manish Sisodia to cut short his trip to Finland and rush back to Delhi because of a spurt of mosquito-related diseases in the capital. Perhaps in anticipation our friend AK started a campaign this time, much in advance, on curtailing mosquito breeding and to control the outbreak of any of those dreaded diseases (he didn’t want to be called back!). Little did he know that the guys at the top are even smarter (or cunning, is it?) – they just denied him permission to venture westwards. Stubborn – that our man AK is, he still addressed the gathering via video-conferencing and that left those powerful blokes at the center licking their wounds.

Coming back to the Delhi unit’s President of the BJP – he played Parshuram at a Ram Lila this October. It seems that the gentleman chose the character he played primarily for symbolism. Parshuram, as the legend goes, was mandated to correct the equilibrium by curtailing the powers of the Kshatriyas – the gentleman in question thinks he needs to correct the political equilibrium in the capital where Aam Aadmi Party rules the state despite Dilliwalahs having picked all the seven MPs from the BJP. Playing a character in Ram Lila is one thing but defeating AAP in Delhi may prove to be something else. It certainly won’t be a cake walk considering the goodwill the party has generated through its Mohalla Clinics and Education Reforms. While folks may have cheered for Parshuram – but then as Ghalib said – Hum ko maloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin; Dil ko khush rakhne ko Ghalib yeh khayal achcha hai (which roughly translates as: I know the reality but then its alright  to keep my spirits high even if it’s foolhardy).

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Get to Gali Qasimjaan in Ballimaran, Chandni Chowk and head straight to Ghalib Ki Haveli. This is the residence of Mirza Ghalib that was acquired by the Delhi Government during Shiela Dikshit’s time and she ensured that it was properly restored. It is now open to public and one can hop onto Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line and deboard at Chawri Bazaar (the Haveli is at a walking distance from there). Being in Delhi and not getting here is blasphemy for Ghalib is arguably Delhi’s most celebrated poet. The bylanes of the area have so much character that a walk here can tell you a thing or two about Dilliwalahs and the way they are! And autumn-winter is the best time to venture out. So go figure.




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    Come autumn and my favourite time of the year begins. The weather is great and there are cultural events galore. And of course, Ghalib is a must-visit. He deserves to read and understood much more than he is. Someone Delhi needs to hold more closely and be proud of.

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    Yes, I hope it isn’t not just difficult, but impossible to dethrone AAP from Delhi, simply because of the work they’ve done in health and education – the basics. But then one never knows… given how the ruling party has manipulated their way in every other state. The Haveli suggestion was a welcome ray of joy. It’s been quite a few years. I’ll go again. Thank you.

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    This is yet another awesome piece from you Giraj! Well penned and thought provoking. Keep it up. And good to see your contribution in the Hindu BusinessLine. Absolutely weighted and balanced inputs from your end to the author of the article on the World Cities Day.

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    Keeping all the politics aside – the blog has created interest in visiting the haveli of Ghalib in Balimaran.
    Thanks Giraj for the info – waiting for the next one. 🥂

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    Interesting information about Galibs and very well written Blog

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    With the state of Delhi’s pollution, I am sure Mirza Ghalib must also be coughing in his grave !

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    Great Content Giraj … Looking forward to a healthier Delhi ….

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    Nice one! Will surely visit it one day! Waiting for ur blog on dilli’s pollution.

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    Delhi has had many layers since times immemorial, the greatest joy about being a part of this city is the diversity of experiences, people, cultures. It all depends on your inclinations and efforts as to much you can unearth under each of the layers that Delhi is.
    Unfortunately the top layer today consists of Pollution, crackpots like Kejriwal and his followers, ‘you scratch my back- I scratch yours, the (un)Civil society, etc…
    Sir, you have an unlimited scope of digging out jewels burried deep inside the layers that Delhi is or perhaps you just can scratch experiences and characters from the surface which too are in abundance.
    Nice write up like always ….keep delighting one and sundry.

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    awesome piece. Must read. Thanks a ton!

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    awesome article. Thanks for sharing this piece.

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    Must visit Delhi in Autumn and head straight to see the Haveli of Ghalib near Chawri Bazaar.
    Well written as always Giraj.
    Interesting as you know I don’t much care about AK but he surely is your favorite it seems. Features in all your blogs. At this rate I may start appreciating him. Not that it matters because I cannot vote for him. But even one convert can create good word of mouth publicity.
    Having said this it is a treat to read your blog and I am waiting for the next one. Cheers!!

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