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Anyone who loves Delhi is us​

Every Dilliwalah is us.

That flower seller at Gauri Shankar Mandir is us.

That dervish at Hazrat Nizamuddin is us.

That aspiring actor at Mandi House is us.

Aunitejee gobbling Navratri Thali is us.

Anyone who lives in Delhi is us.

The gate-keeper at Central Church of the Redemption is us.

Jantar Mantar’s security guard is us.

The man at the langar at Sisganj Sahib is us.

Unclejee at the morning laugh club is us.

The crowd at Connaught Place is us.

The man who plays Ravan at the Ramlila is us.

The well-behaved crowd in Delhi Metro is us.

That reading of the AQI is us.

The street urchin at traffic signal is us.

The chaos at Chawri Bazaar is us.

The Logo Explained

The ‘d’ of Delhi is obvious, isn’t it?
And once you have deciphered the ‘s’ and the ‘d’ you can easily figure out the ‘o’.
It is the ‘s’ representing ‘state’ that takes some time registering.
The colour green has been used to add credence to the myth that Delhi is the greenest capital city in the world

The Podcast - State Of Delhi