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G-20 Summit

Delhi played host to the G-20 Summit and one wondered what this fuss is all about. How come a presidency that comes to every member nation by rotation was such a big deal. Thankfully, there

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This blog takes a satirical view on BCCI imposed cooling-off period for retired cricketers while there's no cooling-off period for retired CJI. And then there is this new section 'Stumbled Upon' that will leave you

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Too much happening in Delhi

From Heritage Walks to haunted places to the supreme leader feeling victimized - there was simply too much happening in Delhi. This blog tries to capture some of these 'happenings' - with some bit of

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There is so much happening

There is so much happening in Delhi and within the nation that it is impossible to keep track. For the first time perhaps this blogger looks at a couple of events that impact the nation.

Light and Sound at Red Fort
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Obstruction-free - well, there's nothing in Delhi that's obstruction-free. This blog talks of how the beautiful areas are being spruced up for G20 Summit while Dilliwalahs don't have footpaths that are obstruction-free for even a

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Dilliwalahs – Not easy to read them!

The StateOfDelhi blog is back after a couple of months of silence. The municipal elections were being contested as if there was a lot more at stake and it was best to stay quiet. Now

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It’s Delhi. Anything goes.

It's Delhi. Anything Goes. So while the LG and our man AK hyped their monsoon preparedness like crazy - a two-day spell brought the city & Dilliwalahs to their knees. This and more in this

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Back on the home turf

The troubles that our man AK faces due to the LG who is on over-drive. This and the subtle impact of the government's campaign for 75 years of India's independence.

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The Chill This Winter & An Intrusion

The buzz around Delhi these days is primarily about the weather, a new vehicle that will be spotted on Delhi roads and that statue that's going to installed under the India Gate canopy. The chill

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Doing a Wish List As We Welcome 2022

This a Dilliwalah making wishes for the StateOfDelhi for 2022