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Light and Sound at Red Fort
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Obstruction-free - well, there's nothing in Delhi that's obstruction-free. This blog talks of how the beautiful areas are being spruced up for G20 Summit while Dilliwalahs don't have footpaths that are obstruction-free for even a

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Dilliwalahs – Not easy to read them!

The StateOfDelhi blog is back after a couple of months of silence. The municipal elections were being contested as if there was a lot more at stake and it was best to stay quiet. Now

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It’s Delhi. Anything goes.

It's Delhi. Anything Goes. So while the LG and our man AK hyped their monsoon preparedness like crazy - a two-day spell brought the city & Dilliwalahs to their knees. This and more in this

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Back on the home turf

The troubles that our man AK faces due to the LG who is on over-drive. This and the subtle impact of the government's campaign for 75 years of India's independence.

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The Chill This Winter & An Intrusion

The buzz around Delhi these days is primarily about the weather, a new vehicle that will be spotted on Delhi roads and that statue that's going to installed under the India Gate canopy. The chill

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Doing a Wish List As We Welcome 2022

This a Dilliwalah making wishes for the StateOfDelhi for 2022

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Of Chandni Chowk – the Chaos and that Food

There has been so much noise about the redevelopment of Chandni Chowk that this blogger, prompted by an old friend, took a trip there. This blog is the first in the series on Chandni Chowk

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Liquor Stores, Memory Losses & Remembrance

Ironically Delhi is talking of liquor in the month of Gandhi's birth thanks to a change in excise policies of Delhi Government. But then holier than thou politicians are trying to take a high moral

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Oversight scraps Draupadi & a new patriot

An Oversight Committee of DU scraps Mahasweta Devi's Draupadi from the course. And our man AK claims to be a deshbhakt. That and more in this StateOfDelhi blog.

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Sacking, gaffes, protests, space-rides & water canons

July saw a cabinet reshuffle at the Centre where Dr Harshvardhan was dropped. Apparently to direct all blame of the mishandling of the pandemic towards him. We got another Dilliwalah as a minister and she