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Monsoons, the same old Minto Bridge & the Riots

Monsoon arrived in Delhi almost on schedule and brought in relief from the heat but also brought in some woes and problems. That standard measure of ‘good rains’ in Delhi got ticked when Minto Bridge got waterlogged. Even DTC, ritualistically, provided that photo-op to news channels and photo-journalists by pushing one of their buses under that water logged bridge (mind you, no other bus gets caught in there!). That done, Dilliwalahs moved on to rejoicing the good rains with pakoras, chai and gup-shup. At least they got something positive to talk about during these troubled times of the pandemic.


No one represents that spirit of Dilliwalahs of picking up an altercation (don’t cringe – there’s no appropriate English expression for ‘taking pangas‘) than Gautam Ghambir. In the cricketing world he’s had it with Shane Watson, Shahid Afridi and even Delhi boy Virat. In the political arena, post Atishi, it is with our man AK. Temperamentally, the East Delhi MP is a slightly sophisticated and seemingly sensible replica of Sambit Patra (one really wanted to leave Dr Patra alone after that ‘nonsense’ controversy but then this blogger couldn’t find a better way to illustrate the point – so apologies Sambit Patra). Gautam took to twitter to take a dig at AK on his propensity to release Ads for just about everything instead of governing Delhi. Gautam forgets that AK has learnt all about political maneuvering from Gautam’s masters who fill in pages after pages of self congratulatory messages on those numerous schemes – some lame and some disastrous but schemes nonetheless.

Another news that penetrated the WhatsApp groups and caught Dilliwalahs’ imagination – other than the conversion of Radha Swomi Satsang Beas premises into world’s largest Covid-19 facility in Delhi, was that of the Delhi Minorities Commission report on Delhi riots of February, 2020. Apparently the report has slammed the Delhi Police for its failure to protect life and property along with allegations of inaction by the cops during and after the riots. It is ironical that this police force has ‘Shanti, Seva, Nyaya’ as its motto – that’s ‘peace, service and justice’. Seems the credentials of the copy writer who coined this motto will be scrutinized for having gone in a completely opposite direction to what the force, as per the commission, actually stands for. He may be even asked to refund his fee!

The report has also pointed fingers at some politicians for their “extra-legal vigilante tactics”. Our man AK, rumors have it, is ‘considering’ some action on the report. The question that hangs in the air is: Does the Delhi CM have the intent and the political will to take action (apologies if this doesn’t rhyme with ‘falls’).

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Keep an eye on Charity Beds – a praiseworthy initiative of hotelier Kapil Chopra which updates people in Delhi NCR about the availability of hospital beds for Covid-19 patients. One could check the status on or the twitter handle of the man himself @KapilChopra72.

Stay safe, Dilliwalahs.



  1. Very very well written Giraj. SometimesI feel so much angst and it becomes unbearable. Then l just immerse myself with work, family, few friends and my customers. India will change if we all improve ourselves and influence our immediate circle and surroundings.

    1. Yes Rajeev. We all have too.

  2. In absolute awe of the crisp, satirical, hitting the bullseye style of writing. A truly pleasurable read!

  3. Real e-state! Great as usual

  4. Giriraj well expressed . Delhi hardly has any rains hence the admin over here is not prepared for rains unlike Mumbai where a whole lot of BMC machinery starts working for rains right from March every year . Minto Bridge floods every year for obvious reasons . Their are engineering solutions but who bothers in the govt . Dr Sambit Patra is the biggest shrieker around ,. He normally avoids to discuss the main point of the debate if it’s inconvenient to BJP .and tries to lead the discussion else where

  5. Someone must be paying the DTC drivers to drive into a flooded Minto bridge for the photo op. Can’t happen year after year just by chance.

  6. Self congratulatory ads is the need of the hour Giraj. They remind me of fudged CV’s which claim non existent qualifications and achievements. Reminds me of an ad agency which used PR to remind people of an ad created by them, while the advertised brand continued to struggle for traction in the marketplace. We live in evolved times and we elect and get the clowns we deserve who will then command us on how to juggle with life. Delhi govt cannot be faulted for advertising. It is perhaps just following a model which is far more brazen.
    Another observation. You seem to be telling a doctor instead of asking. Is it ‘apologies’ or ‘apologise’ ?

  7. The tall claims made by NDMC and NCD before the onset of monsoons are invariably proven false. Be it Minto Bridge or the Sarita Vihar underpass the situation remains the same year after year. Its strange that the administration and the Lt Governor choose to ignore this, Dilliwallahs need to get their act together and storm the offices of these public utility services for their mismanagement. Lot of pressure needs to be built upon them to deliver results. Management of Covid outbreak has been pathetic in the national capital. KJ has failed miserably. Had the centre not stepped in, God only knows what would have happened. I think time and patience of dilliwallahs are both running out.

  8. Enjoyable pun, forthright, sum up of current scenario in Delhi. In short great piece.

  9. The real State Of Delhi, with a few chuckles though.

  10. The report referred to is full of fallacies. nothing worth while could be expected in a report crafted by a team which has been appointed by a Govt whose Deputy chief minister declared that the police is putting k oil on buses right when the rioters were busy on their nefarious activities while police were trying to douse the fire at the cost of their lives.This report lacks credibility and let it not be the basis of condemning police.

  11. Brims with satirical humour . Enjoyable read

  12. Enjoyed reading it Giraj! Pertinent and bang on point! True! No monsoon complete without a submerged DTC bus at Minto bridge! Looking forward to your next blog.

    1. Glad that you liked it. Thank you for your kind words, Maam

  13. Very consistent line & length ,one episode after other of your Blog series, which is always very impressive.
    You have rightly pointed out this annual ritual of the photo of a DTC bus submerged under the Minto bridge, this photo op is like a permanent feature ?
    Also there is something special about Delhites and the traffic, they simply go beserk after 10 maybe 20 drops of rain…..lack of proper rainfall in the National capital for many years have perhaps made them Hydrophobic.
    Arvind Kejriwal is now firmly established as ‘ the Dolt Emiritus’
    of the National capital, we all know his unique attributes, less said the better.
    Gautam Gambhir keeps trying his luck where ever he finds even half an opportunity, his advantage is his good looks and the Queen’s language he is proficient at, also his novelty value as a first time M.P.
    Looking forward to reading the next one.

  14. Well written Giraj!

    1. Thanks Lloyd

  15. Well written with apt satire. You take me way back to school days when Minto Bridge had this love affair with the rain going. It is still continuing- ‘Pyar Jhukta Nahin hai’ ! AK will do nothing about the Delhi riots now that the Centre has held his hand on the messed up COVID- 19 issue. It is a familiar tale of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.
    Thanks Giraj, yet another masterpiece.

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