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Even Nero Came Back!

When Rome burned, Nero was away in his home at Antium. When he learnt of the devastation caused by the fire he rushed back and began relief measures by opening public buildings for the affected Romans. Check your History Channel if you don’t believe this. Yes! Even Nero rushed back and began relief measures! The time taken in those days to travel the distance from Antium to Rome is the same that it takes today to come back to Delhi from Kolkata. Need one say more.

The happenings have affected this blogger too and so the satire in this post may metamorphose in to some scathing comments. I offer my apologies. Delhi is reeling under stress. There is too much trauma and sadness all around. The happy chaos on Delhi streets…that cacophony of Delhi’s liveliness has been replaced by sirens of ambulances and screams of people gasping for oxygen. And this time there is no Nadir Shah, no Ahmad Shah Durrani responsible for the traumatic state of Delhi.

Look at the priorities of the government at Centre. It focused to ensure that work for the ill-conceived Central Vista* Project continues. Essential service – this one! Then it made sure that the Lt. Governor of Delhi, a person not elected by the people, is imposed as the ‘Government of Delhi’ under the GNCTD (Amendment) Act, 2021. The Minster for Health, sadly a Dilliwalah himself, kept jumping around making statements that are such an embarrassment. This government is majorly concerned of what the international media is reporting instead of focusing on correcting the situation. The External Affairs minister issued a diktat to all Indian Embassies to ‘manage’ the international media. Will someone tell S. Jaishankar, who suffers from these phases of intellectual bankruptcy, that New York Times is no Zee News or Washington Post no RepublicTV.

Our man AK seized the opportunity to score some brownie points – so typical of him. He put up his interactions with chief campaigner of BJP in West Bengal who briefly appeared in Delhi to play his other role of that of a PM – in the public domain. This act and the response to it – both reeked of politics of the lowest level. No solutions were reached or offered. All it did was to bring back images flashing in this blogger’s mind of the PM jumping on an aircraft to do an aerial survey of far flung areas affected by floods. Why are there are no images of the man visiting hospitals located within 7 km radius of his palatial bungalow in Lutyen’s Delhi? Remember, even Nero came rushing back to help the doubting Romans!

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Stay indoors and stay safe Dilliwalahs. And if you can, then support the Gurudwaras, those tiny NGOs, those Mohalla Committees, those boys and girls in the colony who are doing their bit to ease the situation. Ironically, the farmers who were protesting at Delhi borders, and were maligned by the Centre, have also been distributing free food packets. The doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital administration staff have been at the forefront doing remarkable service to mankind. At least this one time don’t ridicule them by banging utensils from rooftops. Do something more worthwhile.



  1. Your words are too soft Goldy for these criminals called our Netas.
    They were never of any use and neither they will be.Feeling hopeless.
    Hope ,the efforts by our heroes,will bring some relief.
    Keep venting out.

  2. Love it.

  3. Goldie, ✅ Imo, Your comments echo the pain and anguish of us humans with some conscience .., imo, you have been refrained in commenting on what is an unmitigated disaster – massacre humans. For now, I would just support your plea and I say loudly to our politicians :: “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER” : I make this appeal to all in Government ( Centre/State etc.) and to leads in Administration. Please “Save Lives”: Save Lives .. !! (Have your Politics Another Day ..)

  4. When you have to suffer, blame the local govt…..and when you get well, praise the centre or maybe only one or two specimen there.

  5. Dear Goldy,
    I could not agree more. Look at the chaos the politicians have caused. First the time between the first and second wave was never fruitfully utilised to develop a health infrastructure. In fact in a video that has gone viral there is Narendra Modi stating proudly that we have beaten the virus. Whose got beaten worse killed is not to be stated as we are all aware. Then further madness, to hold elections and massive rallies. The one who mocked Didi o Didi is now to be mocked Modi o Modi. No wonder Justice Sanjib Bannerjee of MHC whom I know well from the time I attended his courts in Kolkata HC was forced to make the comment of calling EC murders. All government institutions are now pawns in the hands of the present dispensation and offcourse our Keju is only trying to score brownie points. Is Ghor Kaliyug main kaun avtarit hoga I dont know, cause its definitely Ram Bharosey Hindu Hotel

  6. Could not agree more! The painful state of Delhi is beyond the boundaries and can be felt in the entire NCR. Well penned and well intended

  7. It is very easy to criticize any body afterwards . Any constitutionalit might tell that health is a state subject and Delhi’s health Minister and also Chief Minister are finally responsible for
    Delhi’s health position. No body is asking them
    What happened with huge money they spent on Mohall clinics and why an incomplete Hospital
    At the time of previous Government not completed in previous years what to talk of a new Hospital.
    What better time to install Governor than when local government has totally failed.
    One can see the presence of Nero in Railways,
    Planes and Cental Steel plants sending O2 to Delhi .
    But Nowdays Modi is the biggest Punching Bag
    as it gives the maximum Browny points from local and International media which have inherent contempt for Modi and his successes in many fields

  8. Goldie
    This is just nothing but arrogance and megalomania of two men and facist ideology of RSS. They turn everything in to victory with out even conceptualising and detailing. We are in a very unfortunate phase in our country .

  9. Goldy, so boldly and yet sensitively expressed. Nero IS a hero! I never learnt that he actually came back! All I have heard is that Nero fiddled as Rome burnt. And there is no Nadir Shah or Ahmad Shah (or a Nehru!) to blame. Having said that the situation on the ground is grim. Resources have have really stretched. People who need these facilities are in panic. The second surge is something that we have brought upon ourselves. And very deftly assisted by the ‘powers that be’! People threw caution to the winds. They comfortably assumed that all was over and merrily went about their business with the new addition to the attire not even attempting to cover what is was supposed to! We climbed over each other ‘maskless’ listening, mouth agape, to people with ‘multiple faces’ as we were charged with a desire to exercise our constitutional right. We went about skinny dipping in lakhs, washing away our sins, while picking up others in copious quantities! Weddings were back in full swing with a new element added to the decor – a sanitizing stall. The vile virus couldn’t believe its luck and has now left us literally gasping for breath.

  10. Pain and anguish all over delhi . Goldie so rightly expressed. Leaders are no less than murderers at present. Medicines, beds , oxygen being sold at premium. We pay taxes and it is government duty to provide basics to its citizen. Yes like fools people took the liberty and threw masks and social distancing out of the window. In all a sad situation. May God help us. Stay indoor, stay safe ?

  11. Agreed Nero did return but did what ! More so in an overflowing country of an in access 1.3 Bn lives at times one forgets where did it all start. Maybe after the fog of all this Mayhem settles down…..someday we all will get together and empty our Lungs saying ….’Modi O Modi’

  12. Agreed Nero did return but did what! More so in an overflowing country of an in-access 1.3 Bn lives at times one forgets what is not working the Oxygen or the Ventilator and where did it all start. Maybe after the fog of all this Mayhem settles down…..someday we all will get together and empty our Lungs shouting….’Modi O Modi’. Let’s pray let the Covid pass away quietly ‘aur hum log bhi ji sake’.

  13. The government has let its citizens down. The delay in reacting is unpardonable. The inability to provide oxygen after numerous high-power meetings is baffling.

  14. Ha ha ha so true even Niro returned while Rome burnt ….true ….without Central vistas our Covid patients may not get O2 . Well written and explained the unfolding catastrophe well . Keep it up Giriraj ….in our small way we have to save this lovely country .

  15. Fully echo your view Goldy. You are bang on target BUT lets also not forget the other reason for this situation…… the callousness of the people themselves. People had thrown all caution to the wind like everything was normal….. the mad rush to go on holidays, the parties, the big fat weddings, desperation to eat outside food, utter disregard for masks and sanitizing. The result of all these plus the politicians clammering for election rallies and the cherry on the cake…. The Kumbh mela led to this situation. The CM of Uttrakhand went to the extent of saying that….. “Yeh to Ganga mayiaa hai, isme Covid nahin hai” !

  16. The realisation saddens me today that as a citizen one can never hope for a fair leader as every elected government finally has its own agenda of power or greed or both. Hope is what has kept the Indians going apart from their extremely high levels of tolerance; but now a sense of despair prevails as even if one wants to go beyond drawing room discussions and protest; the situation is so full of personal hopelessness trying to keep family, loved ones and self safe; that it limits us so.

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