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Light and Sound Show at Red Fort

What do Dilliwalahs do in winters when the AQI is ‘very unhealthy’? They discard that razai, get into their branded winter clothing and move out

Delhi Is Talking About

And the gift malfunctioned

The subway tunnel was gifted to Dilliwallas and the gift malfunctioned. It was flooded after the first rain plus how MLAs in Delhi finally had their way and got a salary hike.

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Game of ping-pong

One side serves and the other side returns the serve with a smash only to be surprised by a quick, prompt return. This game of ping-pong is being played by Delhi government and the new

Delhi Is Talking About

The sad plight of DU teachers

How can a university chase excellence when over 4,000 of its teachers are temporary? While AAP still claims education as it main plank we have someone ever keen for a photoshoot.

Delhi Is Talking About

Some science this

Apparently taking a cue from the Supreme Leader's 'cloud & radar' theory, Delhi Lt. Governor has directed officials to create sink holes of 6-8 inches diameter and line these up with perforated pipes. This and

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Cold war is getting hotter

AK and LG are locking horns and the cold war gets hotter. And then there is AK's obsession with the national flag...this & more in this piece

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Raman Effect would mean something else

If Dr CV Raman was to be a student today at DU then Raman Effect would mean something else. This and more including the clash that our man AK has with the LG in this

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Double standards are norm

Dilliwalahs better start respecting their brethren in Gurgaon and no – not just for their fancy glass-steel structures that they call workplace or those smart

Delhi Is Talking About

An ageing Delhi University and an overzealous minister

Delhi University is celebrating 100 years of its inception and one of the several events recently was attended by the education minister. He pleaded with the alumni of the university to create a model for

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