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Game of ping-pong

The LG and the AAP government in Delhi are engaged in this game of ping-pong. One side serves and the other side returns the serve with a smash only to be surprised by a quick, prompt return. Sadly, despite being mere spectators, Dilliwalahs are destined to end up as losers!

Earlier Dilliwalahs would often use analogies drawn out of cricket. The manner in which our man AK would engage with the Lieutenant Governors of Delhi would be just the right pitch. The LG had been bowling unplayable yorkers to our man AK. And AK would be screaming a ‘no-ball’ to describe some of the reprimands by the resident of Delhi’s Raj Niwas. Just that now the tussle has moved up a few notches. Cricket’s vast vocabulary seems inadequate. And yes, it does not augur well for the ordinary citizens of Delhi. This at a time when everyone keeps harping on good governance. All that Dilliwalahs get is a ringside view of a game more akin to a game of ping-pong. This and more in this piece of Delhi Musings in National Herald.

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