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The sad plight of DU teachers

How can an education outlet of the stature of Delhi University chase excellence when over 4,000 of its teachers are temporary? These teachers have a semester to semester existence. And DU’s antipathy to the teaching fraternity is obvious from the circular it sent out recently. DU wants to ensure that the teaching-learning workload of all permanent faculty members adheres to the provisions of the UGC norms. The motive doesn’t seem to stem from a desire to improve standards but to control the requirements of ad-hoc or guest teachers. Such is the sad plight of DU teachers.

Then you have the case of AAP which uses education as it main plank as it ambitiously spreads to other states. 12 colleges of DU, funded by Delhi Government, are perpetually short of funds. Some of these colleges fail to pay salaries to the teachers and employees due to non-release of funds by our man AK’s Delhi Government. You just can’t imagine the plight of DU teachers and other staff in such colleges.

This and the story of one man who is ever keen for a photo-op in this piece of Delhi Musings published in National Herald.

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