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Two Stand Up Comedians, Our Delhi Hula Hoop Star and Red Bull

Just about everyone would remember Delhi’s Eshna Kutty – the Hula Hooping star whose Hula Hoop act on that Dilli 6 song went viral with some of the leading lights of Bombay film industry raving about her.

Eshna then went on to set up her own company, Hoop Flo, to make hoop dancing accessible to everyone. Eshna joins Nirmal and Abhishek Kumar – two friends who travel the world together doing stand-up comedy shows along the way.

The three of them have come together and are travelling all across Europe via Red Bull Can You Make It. This is a crazy contest where teams from around the world have seven days to travel across Europe using only Red Bull cans as their currency. Imagine you need to check-in to a motel – all you have are Red Bull cans to be used as barter. The same barter principle applies for buying food, your daily needs and even for travel tickets within Europe.

Eshna’s team’s port of call was Budapest and they have to make it to Berlin in the next seven days. will keep you updated.


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