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Presenting KONA:Corners.Connect by Beyond


KONA:Corners.Connect by Beyond

In the constant flow of cities, corners serve as pause points. You meet joy, distance, disenchantment, fascination, exploration, complexities, subtleties, comfort in different capacities. You meet a city in unexpected ways. Corners have a charge.

KONA is made of such charged corners. They remind us that we are part of something bigger. Add people’s connect to them and you have a new syntax…

So hop on, dance in the shadows, walk in the park, dream on a balcony, befriend sunsets, lament, rekindle memories and read poems & more in our KONA

GRAB YOUR COPIES TODAY. Can’t promise you an epic but promise you a corner slice of the two cities – Mumbai & Delhi!

To Book your copies: email, DM here. Details will be shared once we receive your mail/ message of interest.

HURRY!!! Open for orders.

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