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Delhi Heat Wave Alert & Water Crisis

The Meteorological Department

has issued an alert for the heat wave to continue in Delhi this week as well. Amid the prevailing heat-wave in NCR of Delhi, the India Meteorological Department scaled up its warning to ‘red alert’ in Delhi. Earlier it had announced an ‘orange’ alert.

There is a high likelihood of Dilliwalahs developing heat illness and heat stroke if they do not take heat wave precautions and ensure that they limit their exposure to the sun. Dilliwalahs are advised to stay hydrated and avoid all non-essential travel such as reporting for your meeting with your Boss (Boss can wait!) or even Clients – especially during the afternoon. We feel for the delivery boys and girls working for food delivery companies, courier services, fast commerce, groceries and other e-commerce ventures. Dilliwalahs need to show a large heart (Dilliwalahon ka Dil!) and offer a glass of water to every delivery boy or girl who shows at the door. Ideally, if you can offer nimbu-paani it will be so much better instead of normal water for delivery workers!

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