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A rejection and an advertisement

Dilliwalahs heaved a sigh of relief early this week with news coming in that President Trump has rejected Narendra Modi’s invitation (no, it’s got nothing to do with Putin) to be the guest of honour at the Republic Day’s parade in January of 2019 . One can’t blame Dilliwalahs for being cynical about such visits for their already harassed lives go completely out of gear due to traffic restrictions that they have to bear when such heavy weights come calling. Even if the cancellation means missing out on catching, first-hand, that awesome sight of two 56-inches chests thumping against each other. It would have been some sight to watch two grown-ups indulge in a la-Mammohan-Desai ‘separated-at-birth-at-Prayagraj-and-now-discovered’ bear hug (“Teri chaathi bhi 56 inch ki…meri bhi…hum toh Bhai hein, Bhai!”).

Large-hearted as we, Dilliwalahs, are – our heart goes out to the tailoring company that specializes in making those 10,000 pounds suits that have the name of the connoisseur wearing it embossed on the garment. Those guys have surely taken a dent on their business resulting from Trump’s withdrawal. Sad.

The rejection by Trump would have made even the Delhi cops happy as their over-stressed force doesn’t have to bear the additional burden of guarding the largish entourage that accompanies such dignitaries. It simply drains their resources. Well, resources reminds us of a reasonable-sized advertisement put out by Delhi Police, dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, in leading Delhi dailies. The advertisements must have cost quite a lot and most Delhi tax-payers would have been left wondering the rationale behind putting such an advertisement.  And why appropriate Sardar Patel, and now, especially when there are so many unrelated blokes doing so already? Is it that the LG is telling them something (our man AK would want to get to the bottom of this for sure)? Or is it simply the polluted air that they breathe in at their HQ at ITO?

StateOfDelhi Suggests: That you get out of Delhi if you can. With the pollution levels at an all time high it makes sense to dump everything and just get out of town over the Divali weekend and inhale some good air. Time to check on that aunt, that friend of mom’s, that old neighbour, that hostel-mate, that facebook friend who keeps inviting you…just get out of Delhi and have a good Divali.

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