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Ghantewala and Paradise

Two things happened last week in Dilli. One added to Dilli’s pride and the other took away a part of its heritage. Both got Dilliwalas to react, post comments on social media and chat about over chilled beer. 

The centuries old sweet shop, Ghantewala, brought down their shutters for good. Iconic, legendary and symbolic – Ghantewala was a mithai shop that was a must-do when in Chandni Chowk since 1790 and their Sohan Halwa was a thing to die for. Their closure leaves just about a Jalebiwala and an Anapoorna to carry the flag of traditional sweets in the walled city. 

The second incident has had the young Dilliwalas go crazy. Chris Martin of the famed British band Coldplay got in to a restaurant in Hauz Khas village and performed Paradise (the pollution in Dilli can play tricks on westerners for sure!). 

Surprisingly none of these events got our imports from Gujarat and Siwani to tweet. Perhaps one was busy figuring out why Sushma sent the wrong Modi to Lisbon while the other was standing in the queue to get his electricity meters replaced (or was it that his campaign man Vishal Dadlani didn’t send a pre-invite?).

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  1. Yes, the closing of Ghantewala was really sad. I am an "outsider", but Mughal era ruins in the midst of modern high-rises and centuries old eateries renowned for that "one" speciality are things I love about Dilli. I wish the great grandsons could keep the place going. Alas! Chandni Chowk and the city have lost yet another iconic landmark, yet another souvenir…

  2. I distinctly remember the first time I visited the place ….it was my summer vacation in Std 6. The taste and aroma of delicacy seems still there. Being purely a dilliwala, I feel at pains having not visited these places of rich heritage for years now. This coming autumn, would make it for sure….discover it on my bike perhaps. The idea itself is so thrilling

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