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The heat is on and so is our insanity

Delhi’s summers are as extreme and severe as its winters. While winters have a tinge of poetic tranquility and a strange kind of charm, this soaring heat and high temperatures play havoc with the minds of Dilliwalas (kulfi-faluda from Gyani’s notwithstanding).


And this phenomena manifests itself in various ways – some simply hilarious and some insane. Let’s sample a few:

Yesterday, BJP and Congress workers held protests in front of the CM, Arvind Kejriwal’s residence. They were protesting, among other things, about the water shortage in Delhi. And just when the protesters started getting a bit too edgy and agitated the Cops decided to disperse them. Guess how? Water canons, ofcourse! Boy, some justice there!


And hey – it is not just commoners but even people in high places are affected by the heat. How else does one explain some grumblings of Mr Kejriwal – a commoner not so long ago (didn’t he move into the CM’s Bunglow post the theatrics of modesty!). Calling the BJP and Congress relationship akin to that of ‘husbands and wives who are always quarreling’ was something. Guess the 45 degree heat is getting the better of him too. And it is just a matter of time before some self-appointed protectionist front of Indian Culture would want to take this matter up. Blame it all on Delhi’s summer.
New Delhi: Boys covering their faces on a hot day near India Gate in New Delhi on Saturday.[/caption]

Well, the Delhi heat is not just being felt in Punjab, Uttrakhand and Goa – its now going to be felt by the citizens of Pondicherry too as we are exporting our wares there too. And just why not – when SRK can make it in Bollywood, Virat Kholi can make it in Bangalore – why can’t Kiran Bedi make it in Pondicherry?

Tailpiece: Congress high command is wondering why are the temperatures running high. You can help by sending in your answers to their Akbar Road (oops, sorry VK Singh) HQ. Every time they google – Delhi summer appears on the top so their Veep wonders what is all the fuss about.

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