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Two Delhi Boys and Laddoos!

Delhi rejuvenates itself every winters – fog and smog permitting. It is ironic how the enchanting ambient light in the evenings accentuates the impact of well lit shop facades and show-windows enticing Dilliwalahs to indulge. Then there is Christmas round the corner and so are those exciting ‘sale’ offers. Dilliwalahs, however, are restrained as they continue to be cashless and, funnily for some, that has had an impact on consumption too. Now, that’s Delhi!

Two Delhi boys have been in news in the last few weeks for having impacted the mood in the country. Both for different reasons – rather completely opposite ones. Delhi boy Virat Kohli has been in the form of his life and has been delighting cricket lovers with those exquisite drives that he plays with customary aplomb. Virat has not only batted brilliantly but has led the side with purpose and aggression – something that’s earned him handsome praise from everyone including the Prince of Kolkata (Now, that’s rare. Really is!). StateOfDelhi raises a toast for this Dilliwalah. Carry on, Virat!

Now about the other Delhi boy and that’s our lad Arun Jaitley. The execution of the entire process of demonetization, which is under his ministry, has been appallingly shoddy, inefficient and abhorrent. Yet our guy is in denial and continues to scream that whatever has been done is ‘the best that could have been done’. Really, Mr Jaitley? The banks run out of cash here before lunch time and those goddamned ATM kiosks are just worthy of what they are being used for – Security Guards’ siestas!  

So it’s love-all! One local boy is riding the pinnacle of excellence and the other is in the dumps of execution! Dilliwalahs, please don’t you lose heart. One of Jaitley’s party colleague is initiating a laddoo distributing exercise for all Dilliwalahs. He believes that Dilliwalahs have been extremely nice and cooperative while standing in those serpentine queues in front of cash-deprived banks and empty ATMs. And, therefore, they deserves laddoos! (Did he say one laddoo per family? HUF folks, time for a break up!). Appreciating the harassed Dilliwalahs (laddoos are just symbolic) is akin to the Nazis complimenting their prisoners for reticence and cooperation in the camps. Whoa!

Thankfully the culture scene is heating up as it does every winter. Delhi, for sure, knows how to enjoy its winters – demons of demonetization notwithstanding.
This week Delhi was treated to some awesome poetry recitations and singing – most of it from the Bhakti Movement era at the Curtain Raiser of the Jaipur Literature Festival. Yes, we all need a little bit of Kabir to sober us down after being turned away from the banks repeatedly – unable to access our own legitimately earned money. 

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