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Bitching about Delhi and sucking up to it!

There is a peculiarity about Delhi that defies logic. Politicians of all hues aspire to come to Delhi yet they just simply can’t stop bitching about Delhi.  And for once let’s keep our man AK out of this (in any case he bitches about just everything). So the English-media journos who criticized the government for five years, sprinkling their language with some idioms and trendy catch-words that compelled the MPs to rush to Shashi Tharoor for interpretation, were termed as ‘Lutyens media’. Used in a derogatory manner – the coining of the phrase is paradoxical as the same MPs will give up their right arm to be in the lush green precincts of Lutyens Delhi. Often when these MPs lose out (either elections or love of the Shah or both) – they refuse to vacate their bungalows in LBZ (‘Lutyens Bungalow Zone’ for the uninitiated). However, to curse a journalist they whip out the term ‘Lutyens media’ in a jiffy. Surprising, a Hindi journalist – Ravish Kumar too made it to this list  for his bold stance on the ‘modified’ version of India. Ravish should be asking Prannoy Roy for a hike now!

This time over another term was coined to humiliate a section of Dilliwalahs – ‘Khan Market Gang’. Delivered in a manner that will even make a Anurag Kashyap of Gangs of Wasseypur fame cringe – this demeaning expression was meant to humiliate all those who want to bring about a change or are very vocal on social-media and the cocktail circuits of Delhi, but also have the habit of frequenting one of the popular high-street markets of Delhi. Clearly, for the politicians who used the abuse, this Khan Market Gang has moved much beyond ‘vikas‘ so they can be dumped despite a lot of them being Bhakts, bureaucrats, power-brokers or simple GST contributors ( a contribution that will certainly be higher than the per-capita GST contribution of an average Indian). That the Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers’ Cooperative Society, popularly known as Cooptex, operates a store in Khan Market has certainly helped this blogger comprehend the Lok Sabha results better!

Then was the term ‘Delhi Sultanate’. Now you go check out who used this against whom but the point this blogger wants to make is that these thick-skinned politicians who call the best addresses of Delhi as ‘their’ home and breathe the cleanest air in Delhi have no moral right for such a doublespeak. But then morals and politics do not always mix well. Dilliwalahs know it too well.

And they think the folks who dine here give a damn…

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Get to Khan Market and you can shop clothes at Fab India, Anokhi, Vishnu or even at Yell. There is a fabulous store of Royal Enfield for you to check out their bikes. You could pick up some great stuff for the home from Oma or Good Earth. Then there is the good old optician Dayal Opticals and not to miss the jewelry stores such as  Tiana, Amarpali, Amethyst but the reason that irks the political class perhaps are the two of Delhi’s most famous bookshops – Faqirchand and Bahri Sons in addition to that book-cafe – Full Circle. And if it were the eateries and watering holes that had the political folks worried then the list is endless for the options that Khan Market offers are just too many. Go figure.

Incidentally, Khan Market is named after freedom fighter Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan, the brother of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.




  1. I suggest people who despite Lutyens Delhi should shift home and office to Yamuna Vihar.

  2. guess people ignore these politicians remarks on name changing game they play and wish they do something more constructive

  3. I’ve felt so let down by my own countrymen and women… this atmosphere of abuse, negativity and hatred does not bode well for the country. Perhaps we needed to stoop lower for a total purge to happen… I live in hope, still. And yes, I love Khan Market as much as Chandni Chowk. Isn’t it about exploring and experiencing the best of everything… Go figure.

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