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Cold war is getting hotter

Yes! This cold war is getting hotter! It’s on full throttle between the new Lt. Governor and the Aam Aadmi Party. AAP has now claimed that the LG has neither the right to give orders not to call unscheduled meetings of departments that report to the elected government of Delhi. AAP wants, and Dilliwalahs will to some extent agree, that the new LG should focus on Delhi Police, Municipal Corporation and Delhi Development Authority instead. Education, electricity and water are Delhi government’s domain and AAP wants to run these like its own fiefdom. And this is leading to some washing of dirty linen in public much to the amusement of Dilliwalahs.

That it was the Delhi unit of BJP that takes on this criticism of LG and reacts but not the LG’s office is amusing too. So it is three-sixty-degrees fun as the cold war is getting hotter!

And then there is this AK;s belief that we Dilliwalahs are somewhat short on our patriotic-quotient. He believes that only the sight of the national flag will propel Dilliwalahs to think of the country. Funny that by extension of such a logic, one’s love for the country should double while crossing Dhaula Kuan for Dilliwalahs can spot not one but two national flags – one on either side of the road. More of this in this piece of #DelhiMusings

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