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Dilliwalahs…you pulling India down by cribbing about mundane things such as Water!

Can you beat this! The PM is addressing Town Hall meetings and inspiring corporate honchos from Silicon Valley and other multi-nationals in the US. Our guy from Siwani is too focused on delivering free WiFi services in CP as a starter.
And look at these Dilliwalas – they are fighting over water. Residents of two colonies which are about 5 kms from Civil Lines crossed limits by queuing up in the wee hours every morning to source their daily supply of water from an unauthorized municipal tap. Incorrigible Delhites! And true to character it lead to scuffles and even one death as reported by Indian Express. Irresponsible Delhites! Tripping over petty issues. Completely unacceptable. 
Dilliwalas don’t even have the decency that when our PM is focused on Digital India – they want to draw his attention to their petty water shortages. Shameful Delhi! Now, when the Chief Minister gives them free WiFi – Delhites can ‘google’ WATER. Don’t these stupid voters get it? 
And talking of voters – aren’t the elections in Bihar which is some 1000 kms away from Delhi? So what’s the fuss about, eh?

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