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Dinner with our man AK

Dinning with our man AK can be a privilege but then nothing comes without any strings attached these days. And certainly not when it has got to do with politicians. To influence the voters of states other than Delhi was some ask. So AAP thought of a unique scheme. AAP volunteers under this scheme were to make the videos go viral. Videos that went viral would entitle the creator to be a part of a select group of 50 such creators for dinner with our man AK after the elections. So to meet the chief minister of a party that claims to be there for the common man, the same common man had to first find something good about the way AK runs Delhi, make it viral, amplify the message sufficiently to merit a personal sit-down dinner with our man AK – the CM. This piece that was published in National Herald under Delhi Musings also explored the venue of this dinner meet. Check this link out:

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