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Of Cameras, Road Names and Cows!

You just can’t put our man down. AK has this knack of being regular fodder for this blog. He keeps up with his antics in this ongoing dispute of his with the LG of Delhi. Look what he has done now. He, in public view, tore apart a copy of the report submitted by a committee appointed by the LG on CCTV cameras installation in Delhi. The CCTV cameras may be missing but the photojournalists’ cameras were around (and these were the ones that mattered to AK!). What good will this do for Dilliwalahs is a million dollar question (eeks – I mean ‘million Rupee question’ – this blogger has a few Swadeshi followers and they are as touchy now-a-days as the cow vigilantes)? To give our much discredited CM some credit – he’s up against a LG, a servant of incorrigible masters, who is no less stubborn. To hell with Dilliwalahs, then!

Come monsoon and some vantage points in the capital get inundated – making news, camera or no camera. Minto Bridge must have that unique record of making it to the top of that list every year. The visuals of a DTC bus half-submerged, stranded under the bridge, is one that newspapers and websites can easily cheat on by picking up any previous year’s snap. Just no one gives a damn. Our elected civic bodies, however, seem to have all the time for name-changing and similar intellectually stimulating endeavours. The road name-change saga continues unabated in Delhi except that it is getting weird by the day.  A recent name-change takes the cake and that’s because of the criterion that propelled South Delhi Municipal Corporation to go for it. The honour of naming a road after a person was bestowed up on someone for his being a ‘protector of cows’ among other things! Holy cow!

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Get to Mehar Chand Market this monsoon, Dillwalahs. You have some real nice boutiques, interesting furniture and accessories stores along with a few eateries scattered on this quaint lane behind Lodhi Road. One thing that will strike you instantly are those interesting names that folks have given to their stores here. Sample these: RuhKarigariOchreNappa Dori, Navya, Ek Matra, Nur, Navasa, CYMK (a bookshop), Soma and Kunafa among othersNow, go figure!

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