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A Quiet CM, Free Rice, Defecation and Monumental Errors

Beginning with April Fool’s Day – this month of April has been crazy. No! Our man AK did not apologize to anyone else this month. AK seems to have moved on since most of his adversaries have been offered a ‘sorry’. The spectacle was created by the grand old party of India by deciding that it doesn’t like the Chief Justice of Supreme Court anymore and impregnated thoughts of his impeachment in the overworked minds of the people. While Dilliwalahs were trying to fathom what’s next – another Delhi citizen, currently loaned to Puducherry’s Governor’s House, stood up to recommend that families entitled to free rice will not get it unless they can produce a certificate that their village is open-defecation free. May be she felt that this way she can actually reduce the per-capita volume of excreta and please the top hierarchy sitting on their bums at Lok Kalyan Marg. Boy, April surely does something to Delhi and Dilliwalahs.

The Ministry of Tourism headquartered in Delhi, on its part joined in April madness and issued Letters of Intent to companies to manage some of our monuments. Suddenly managing monuments appeared to be a monumental task for this government.  That you have a NBCC managing Purana Qila is palatable but how does one accept Jantar Mantar being managed by a SBI Foundation (those NPAs notwithstanding)?  Your beloved Red Fort, Dilliwalahs, will be now managed by Dalmias. The day is not far when the PM’s address on 15th of August will open up with a sponsors’ message or it is even likely that the event may get a title sponsor tag – ‘India’s Independence Day Celebrations powered by Dalmias!’ The customary end of the speech slogan from the ramparts may even have an altered scream: Jai Dalmia! Gosh, April does something to us! And if it’s because of the heat – then it is really scary to think what a hotter May or June would bestow up on us.

StateOfDelhi Suggests: So if you venture out to Red Fort before the Dalmia takeover then StateOfDelhi suggests that you hop on to a rickshaw and go to the other end of Chandni Chowk – to Fatehpuri Masjid. From there take a right turn and some 60 yards ahead you will land up in front of Giani Di Hatti. This is the place to be in summers to sample their amazing Rabri-falooda. The rabri is authentic and the falooda blends with it wonderfully along with the crushed ice to give your taste-buds a cool sweet-treat that one doesn’t get anywhere else in Delhi.


Dalmia Takes Red Fort?

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