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Of things Chinese, Evidences and Dharma!

One thing leads to another the world over. Here, in India one thing leads to another and then another and yet another…the cascading effect more often than not blurring the main issue. We get into stuff that defies logic and common sense. The unfortunate episode at Uri led to the ‘surgical strikes’ and that’s understandable. That it would lead to a yoga-guru cum a leading FMCG Brand Ambassador and  many of his genus asking Indian citizens to give up everything Chinese is one such extreme. For some of us, the unintitated lot, this is why: China supports Pakistan and when we say ‘Indus’ they say ‘Brahmaputra!’ (alright…Tsangpo for the finicky!) and that’s one of the many reasons for Baba’s diktat. On the other extreme we have one Johar, the head of Dharma Productions recite his newly acquired ‘dharma’ chant of not wanting to work anymore with that heartthrob of most Indian TV viewing female audiences because he comes from Pakistan (Pulkit Samrat here comes your opportunity!).  
WhatsApp and other social media platforms are abuzz with ‘forwards’ most of which are not even read by folks in that chain. In the process we land up hurting the sentiments of some of our own brethren but who cares
. It’s one-thing-leading-to-another phenomena! Not to miss out on the comments of the otherwise sane Mr Parrikar attributing the surgical strikes to his parent organisation’s philosophy! Wonder what led to the success of 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999 then? Now, amidst this cacophony if our lame CM seeks proof of the surgical strikes from his bete noire – you can’t blame him, can you? Aye Dilli Hai Muskil!

Coming back to the call on the ban of Chinese stuff – how
does the yoga guru plan to deal with the huge popularity of Chinese cuisine? Not to forget that the brand he endorses also sells noodles! Chinese cuisine today competes ferociously with the famous Dilli Chaat on the streets of Delhi. Walk into any corner market, DDA’s or even a decent one, and you’ll find more than a couple of vendors hawking Han Dynasty’s delicacies, Baba or no Baba!

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