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Saanu Ki? – It’s a philosophy!

“Saanu Ki?” Loosely translated, this Punjabi phrase means, “why should I bother or be concerned”. It is not so innocent a phrase as it seems at first glance.  It is typically used to sign off on an argument or spicy gossip to take the high moral ground. After it has been explained how the neighbour’s son has been wayward and been seen doing all the wrong or socially unacceptable things which have harmed everyone and how he deserves to go to jail or rot in hell, “Saanu Ki” is the last word or the grand sign off. It makes the speaker look wise, benevolent, forgiving and generous. For Dilliwalahs this expression is the one that brings them peace, avoids trips to the local thaana, makes them survive with 400+ AQI and tolerate the Central Vista project and more!

“Saanu Ki” has quite an attitude and one can find t-shirts with this slogan online. It synchronizes well with the “I do not care” and cool indifference style of teens and young adults. But for me, “Sannu Ki” is much bigger than that. It is a philosophy of life that reminds me of the boundaries of my influence and the limited ability to change the world around me. It is a filter to choose the battles I should fight and those I should ignore.

I use it as a tool to hold on to peace and calm in a world that is spinning faster and somewhat out of control. Just imagine while driving to the office and suddenly an autorickshaw cuts across forcing you to brake suddenly barely missing him. He turns gives you a blank look and zooms off while the driver behind you is sitting on the horn. Instead of losing it, I just shrug my shoulders and tell myself “Sannu Ki”.

If the missus makes lauki for lunch, I just pick on some pickle, and “Sannu Ki”. After all, it is just a meal. If a friend turns up an hour late after averring that he was 2 mins away. “Sannu Ki”. I catch up with the latest Bollywood gossip.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you did not, “Sannu Ki”.

This Guest Blog is by Sanjeev Malhotra – a keen observer of society, trends and just about everything. Sanjeev is a published author of a thriller – Conspiracy of Silence. Rooted in the culturally rich Allahabad and holding on to its traditions and ethos – he now dwells in NCR of Delhi. Sannu Ki?


  1. Ki to happiness, Sanjeev

    1. Absolutely!!

  2. Superb write-up…and very true👌👍

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