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Stand-up-comedy is not everyone’s forte

One can train and mentor a stand-up comedian on the art and craft of politics. The current CM of Punjab is one such case. However, you can’t make a comedian out of a politician. Dilliwalahs discovered this when AK tried his hands at it. After all Stand-up-comedy is not everyone’s forte.

The Punjab CM is obviously a better learner than our man AK. Not only did our man AK miss a few tricks of stand-up comedy, he was so amused of his own comic punches that he couldn’t stop laughing at his own jokes. But then he quickly got back to being a crafty politician that he has become. Realizing that he had created content worthy of going viral on social media, our man addressed his detractors – the BJP leaders and workers.

Catch this in this piece in #DelhiMusings in @NationalHerald.

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