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Statecraft that a Porter would be proud of

This blogger keeps getting brickbats for these StateOfDelhi posts. That’s passé. Then there are times when the readers miss the satire and take the posts too seriously. This seems to have happened with the last blog. It got some of the regular readers quizzing on why is one so angry? The satire was perhaps too sharp for some Dilliwalahs and it apparently reeked of indignation to them. To these well-wishers I offer my unconditional apology and express my gratitude for their love. Thank you!

Now, let’s get back to my tirade.

Life, one thought, was slowly and steadily getting back to normal in Delhi. However, the moment one stepped out on Delhi roads – one discovered that it’s all normal already. Gol-gappa stalls are busy. The chaos on the streets is back and so is the traffic. Our man AK is back too. He is at same places you see him most – on billboards! This time he is commanding every Dilliwalah to get vaccinated. Good intent alright but then there is a smart statecraft at play too. Many vaccination centres have been set up at Delhi government-run schools. You go there for the vaccination but come back praising the infrastructure and acknowledging AAP’s good work. How good is that for strategy (Michael Porter can take a walk!)? The game is on, Dilliwalahs, and it’s Manish Sisodia One – Amit Shah Zero!

Who says government-run enterprises have no humour? Look at the response of Delhi Metro to an anxious lover who tagged Delhi Metro. The man was asking if they will be operational during a weekend in June.  He added that if he can’t get to meet his girlfriend then a break-up is imminent. The reply that Delhi Metro twitter handlers gave was cute and laced in humour. They put a GIF of Amrish Puri from his iconic film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and replied: “Metro chalu hai mere dost. Ja ji le aapni zindagi” Metro services are operational, my friend. Go live your life.

The compassion for the long suffering Dilliwalahs was visible in yet another act of the Delhi government.  Home delivery of liquor within Delhi for orders placed through mobile applications and websites has now been permitted. Hic hic hooray! It’s another matter that the government could not get you oxygen or an ambulance when you needed it for someone. And that caused so much trauma and anxiety. Well, here is a novel way to assuage those feelings and the accompanying pain. Get tipsy Dilliwalahs. And no, don’t you bother of what the watchman or the neighbours think of you when liquor deliveries happen. You won’t be able to see their ‘I-know-you-Daarubaaz’ smiles from under their masks anyways!

StateOfDelhi Suggests: The day Delhi reports zero case of Covid-19, wear your mask and step out to go to Chandni Chowk. The restoration work is almost over and the place looks so much better. They have converted the entire 1.3 km road as a walk-way and made it free from vehicular traffic. Those ugly electric wires that used to hang over those defaced poles have all gone. And all the joints that have featured in our previous blogs from the area are now open. So if you have had both your jabs – get out and sample some real cool stuff. And yes, the Delhi Metro will drop you right there in case you want to take your date to a trip filled with nostalgia and some awesome street food.


  1. Missing the gol gappas and chaat of old delhi. After reading your blog getting tempted to go with friends by metro’ chalo dostoo jee lata hai apni zindagi.’
    Oxygen nahee toh kya, daaru toh hai ?

  2. April and May were terrible. Dealing with so much grief and sadness took a toll… We mustn’t forget, though, that we lost so much. Each of us did. It is important to continue to take precautions. Centre – State blame game is never-ending.
    Let the heat simmer down a little, your Chandni Chowk advice will be taken. 🙂

  3. How many of Dilliwala’s are adhering to the Covid protocols ?
    I had to ask an Army Veteran of all the people at a local chemist that ,does he wear his undergarments like his mask as well ?
    Mask below the nose, mouth also half exposed and the man did not understand the sarcasm, he was ready to fight.
    If this is the level of compliance of a senior defence personnel, with a very disciplined past, what do we expect from others….
    In addition to the monetary fine , good old 3-4 sticks on the posterior should do the trick perhaps.
    Partying, get-together, various other gatherings are also a norm, the logic in support of the above is that the Government has allowed this so we must do it.
    Fair enough ! The government is not going to hang you if you can still avoid these gatherings for a couple of months more…
    There is a fair chance of our getting into trouble again if we remain indisciplined and display such callousness.
    No one died because of not having Golgappas.

  4. Jahanara would be happy. The pics look good and it would nice to rediscover the pleasures of Chandni Chowk. I am referring to the food by the way.
    Maybe we should have moonlit walks organised in Chandni Chowk. Walk build up an appetite and then fuel up on the spicy stuff.

  5. Every time you pick up a thread from the state of affairs in Dilli, the depth and its connectivity with satire hardly amazes me. Because nothing lesser is expected from you, my friend Giraj! AK and his market gimmicks doesn’t surprises me either, as politics as such has become a good branding strategy for selling your product, across all the party lines. And this AK per-se is so predictable. But what amazes me really that at times, even intellectuals will quote examples of a veteran from Army w.r.t wearing the mask improperly, to scan him under the microscopic eye. Isn’t it unfair BECAUSE IT CREATES IMPRESSIONS that reflects the esteemed organisation. Unless it was satire per-se from your end @Dhananjay Chaturvedi. Lol
    Despite the negativity, trauma and tribulations around, I continued to pump up my lungs from fresh oxygen on my outdoor excursions, and felt rejuvenated enough to survive any pandemic 🙂
    A visit along with you and the NATKHAT gang to Chandani Chowk is overdue Giraj! I am so excited to learn about its facelift completion…. Time to cheer together! Keep writing and educating & entertaining. Your suggestion on my Facebook page to write a photo-essay has really motivated me to pen down and scribble something soon

    1. Great idea Rajeev. I would love to take the Natkhat Mathematiciabs gang on a walk to Chandni Chowk. Let the weather improve a little and let there be more sanity around.

  6. Yes, great news Giraj. We seem to have gotten over those nerve-racking days of Oxygen shortages. We are all pretending to be near normal and for the normal to sink in it may take a bit more time and loads of assurance.

  7. Good one Giraj. Satire cuts both ways. Sharp for some and blunt for some. Just keep it coming. Good to read about the progress of restoration of Chandni Chowk. Shall visit on my next trip to Delhi.

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