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Tolerance and Hypocrisy

We, currently, are a nation obsessed with this debate on tolerance. Delhites certainly know a thing or two about tolerance as we have been nothing but tolerant for centuries. Veterans at being tolerant – we smirk at the hypocrisy of the protagonists on either side of the debate. 

Take the case of Aamir Khan. We tolerated his histrionics on a TV show where he appeared to be holier than thou on a programme ironically called Satyamev Jayate, didn’t we? The same Aamir Khan was seen standing by an accused of a hit-and-run case offering ‘moral support’ without a fig in the world about the victims or the impact of his actions. Where was his ‘Satyamev Jayate‘ call then? But having said that – one doesn’t understand the current ruckus on the issue of his wife evaluating options of settling abroad. What’s the big deal? Haven’t lakhs of Indians settled abroad? Aren’t we, hypocritically, critical and proud of them at the same time (Ah! All those NRI/PIO remittances!). Isn’t our PM busy courting our people who have migrated out of India at venues as grand as Madison Square Garden or at Wembley or at Allphonses…and how?! So if one Mrs Aamir Khan wants to join the ever-growing list of NRIs so be it. Why get intolerant about it? Cool it, India. And if one could borrow an expression from one of Aamir Khan’s blockbuster: ‘All is well’.

Didn’t Delhites tolerate, though with giggles that almost choked us (and no, it wasn’t the damned pollution this time!) the statement of our Mr Kejriwal on how he didn’t hug Mr. Laloo Prasad but it was Mr. Prasad who hugged him (Wow! Hypocrisy at its peak)? The gentleman went all the way to Patna to witness the oath-taking ceremony of a collation of which Mr. Laloo Prasad is the largest contributor and a huge facilitator. Now if Mr Prasad is such bad currency then why show up at an event that’s orchestrated by him? And if one did and was hugged by him then take it easy. Grant the citizens of Delhi some wisdom – we will tolerate that too. But now, at hindsight, Mr Kejriwal called the ‘hug’ as not ‘his hug’ but Mr Laloo’s – we are tolerating that too. 
All is well! 

And thanks for tolerating this blog (and the satire), folks! 

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