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Delhi by Heart – Raza Rumi

Imagine a Pakistani policy analyst and journalist catches you by your hand and takes you around your own city! That’s what this wonderful book does to you. The pain that you feel in his expressions on the decay of monuments and important landmarks within the city that tell many a tales is heart-wrenching.

The journeys he takes to places such Nizamuddin Dargah or for that matter the streets of old Delhi and mixes it with history makes this book a must for all Dilliwalahs as well as anyone who cares to know about Delhi. That he is most taken in by the fact that Delhi used to a seat of Sufism makes the narrative even more intriguing.

The book packs so much history and does it so wonderfully. The passionate engagement of Raza Rumi with Delhi is reflected truly in the title of the book – Delhi By Heart!

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