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Double standards are norm

Dilliwalahs better start respecting their brethren in Gurgaon and no – not just for their fancy glass-steel structures that they call workplace or those smart condominiums they live in. Respect for the fact that a political party believes that they can hold their drinks and can manage themselves better when high. And that this party believes that a typical Dilliwalah is more likely to make a mockery of self if this citizen gets access to liquor post-midnight. Read more and figure out that double standards are norm.

Take this stance of the BJP. It stinks of such double standards that you will roll on the floor laughing. Immediately after the announcement by AAP government to consider allowing pub and bars to open till 3.00 am. the BJP ran to the cops requesting them to object to this proposal. The party, in its wisdom, believes that this move is ‘not in public interest’ and that it can lead to a further deterioration of the city’s law and order. Now look at the double standard. BJP-ruled neighbouring state of Haryana is plotting to counter AAP’s move by allowing the liquor vends in urban areas of Gurgaon are all set to stay open 24 by 7. Double standards are norm – so it seems.

This and more of such double standards in this #DelhiMusings piece in #NationalHearld.

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