Delhi Is Talking About

Introduction – Delhi Is Talking About

Both heart and Delhi may have been worn out,
but some little pleasures still remain in this ruined house.

– Mir Taqi Mir

Dil ki basti bhi Sheher Dilli hai; Jo bhi guzra usi ne loota

There is always this chatter – that incessant noise about something or the other that Dilliwalahs constantly stay engaged in. This column attempts at covering some interesting things that Delhi is talking about. And no, it ain’t just about politics.

Delhi talks voraciously about other things too such as social trends, health issues (pollution makes sure that you keep at it), fashion, street food, parties, sex (yes Delhi has some interest there as well), the arts – theatre, poetry, literature (when not at Jaipur), puppetry, ceramics, architecture, paintings, etc and yes there is that campus buzz (with so many universities here).

Delhi is never short of stuff to talk about. We will try and curate some of that stuff here.

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