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When life gives you lemons

Liquor is the only fluid which is getting cheaper by the day in the state of Delhi. Barring liquor prices of Petrol, diesel and nimboo-paani have moved up. We have lemons are selling around Rs 300 a kilo in the capital. Dilliwalahs thus have stopped using that proverbial phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ . The have replaced it with ‘when life gives you lemons, save those lemons for another day!’

This and more on the happenings in Delhi in this piece of Delhi Musings that appeared in National Herald. It deals with how the meat ban is becoming an issue thanks to the utterances of a Mayor. It also highlights how our man AK is now focusing on Gujarat, a dry state. Something that makes Dilliwalahs wonder as to how he will cover the budget deficit on account of subsidies he announces there.

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