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Delhi is an amazing city. It, truly, is amazing. You find ancient monuments coexisting with modern condominiums.Symbolic – one may say for that’s how the society is structured too.You have the primitive-in-thinking conservatives dwelling peacefully along with modern, global-in-approach liberals. Of the many benchmarks to rate the diversity of a society if one was to apply the range of expletives used in common parlance as an indicator of the diversity of a society – Delhi would top the charts

The local inhabitants, the Dilliwalahs, are known to be large-hearted. It shows in their behaviour everywhere except for when it comes to car parking areas. They are extremely possessive, greedy to extent of being paranoid, about their parking spaces. The average Dilliwalah is also extremely well networked.

Everybody seems to have somebody of considerable influence on their fast-dial list – a list the citizens are often seen boasting of while threatening the local cop who has inadvertently caught the Dilliwalah for a hundred bucks fine.There are stateofdelhi walks through the eateries of old Delhi starting from Red Fort and culminating at Mirza Ghalib’s home (nothing better for a Dilliwalah than some sumptuous street food laced with a slice of history).

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