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Anti-nationals, Agitations & a Konkani Indulgence

Blame it on the soil of Delhi (would have said ‘water’ but then the water is borrowed from neighbouring states) or the city’s fate – Dilli has never had longish spells of peace. Without taking you deep in history – a job that’s best left to William Dalrymple, this blogger would like to take you through the city’s journey of the last year or so. We, Dilliwalahs, have had one agitation or disturbance after another rocking the city . First there was the anti-CAA agitation followed by the JNU attack, then the Jamia violence, then the migrant labour chaos and now we have these agitated farmers laying seize on the city. Somewhere in between we also had the Delhi riots which took a heavy toll on lives and property.

The impact that all these events are having on the social circuit of Delhi is worrisome. Dilliwalahs, who only differed with one another on issues such as single malt versus Old Monk or Cholley Bhature versus Poori Aalu or, at best, Virat versus Smith – are now having serious differences. It is causing ruptures within friends, families, neighbours and office colleagues. Surprisingly, the arguments are no longer laced with abuses – a lexicon they are so accustomed and which means so much and yet so little to Dilliwalahs. Today folks point fingers at each other hurling terms such as ‘anti-national’, ‘desh drohi‘, ‘get out of the country’, etc with little concern for age, gender, education or the bonds that they shared. All of a sudden Lord Curzon looks like a sane statesman!

While on agitations and protests – one can’t help but think of our man AK. His political birth took place thanks to an agitation. By the way, AK is at back at his game again. His government is setting up a Konkani Academy in Delhi. That’s because he and his party ‘wants to facilitate the growth and promotion of the Konkani language and culture’ in the capital. No, it’s not that he loves the language or culture – AK simply wants to woo voters in the forthcoming elections in Goa. Dilliwalahs, for a change, will be willing to pardon this blatant use of public funds to fuel AK’s political ambition – as long as AK sets up Feni-vending machines at all the Mohalla Clinics where you could have a swig or two of the Goan spirit at subsidized rates. Dilliwalahs are also optimistic that AK would subsidize the tickets of Goa-Delhi flights and trains heavily once AAP comes to power there – if and when it does. Watch it Thalassa at Vagator – here we come asking for tandoori chicken!

This Republic Day saw the farmers agitation spillover to parts of the city beyond the designated areas. Red Fort, among other places, saw some avoidable action. How and why the farmers, after having spent over two months of peaceful protests, got into this frenzy is something that is worth pondering upon. How did the Delhi cops allow them access to the ramparts of Red Fort is stuff that even Sherlok Holmes will have difficulty in solving. And how come a police force who could not make a single arrest even after a year of the JNU attack get so smart and agile to file not one or two but as many as thirty eight FIRs? And why our man AK, who has openly supported the farmers’ cause (other than Goa he has an eye on Punjab too), has not gone on a dharna seeking Delhi Police’s super-boss’, the Home Minister’s, resignation? Stuff for which we need a Karnal Ranjit or a Feluda kind of a sleuth since Arnab is off-colour after those WhatsApp leaks.

StateOfDelhi Suggests: Nothing works better on a winter morning than the Poori-aalu at Chaina Ram’s (pronounced as ‘China’ Ram) at Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk. The founders apparently had the vision to spell their name with an extra ‘a’. Had they not done that the enterprise would have been Tik-toked under the current regime! Make your way there early for the guys run out of their preparation by about 10.30 am. Standing outside this establishment and relishing this dish made out of desi-ghee is so Delhi! And if there is a Feni-vending machine nearby – Dilliwalahs would be elated.



  1. Very well explained

  2. This is my India, democracy mai Sab chalta hai.

  3. Giraj!! Like any other nationalist and/or law abiding citizen, I am deeply saddened (yet once again… You perceive it rightly. We are soon going to be a city of conflict, controversy and contagious agitations) on what we all witnessed at Red fort on the republic day this year. The situation at the farmers agitation (with all its obvious insecurity or ulterior motives of some) is grim, and at crossroads some how, with potential of far reaching unexpected adverse consequences. Importantly, it needs mature handling by all concerned in the government as well as the farmers per-se.

    I can not ever appreciate the stance our AK generally undertakes to fulfill its political ambitions, and it doesn’t surprise me any more.

    High time for the order to be restored in Delhi and adjoining NCR, to let it be a bit peaceful ….we deserve it to be. Hope so that it

  4. Delhi’s situation addressed very well with a deep insight and with typical Giraj flavoured puns

  5. Excellent piece of writing, full of serious humour not Dark and thought provoking pinning and raising the right questions! Your blog is becoming addictive!!

  6. But the time AAP becomes an All India Party, we will have quite a few language academies in Delhi. That would be capital!

  7. Mince meat thru hilarious sarcasm – gloriously executed! Chaina Ram on my bucket list and Chaina Ram with a Feni vending machine on your bucket list!! Way to go Giraj ??

    1. Thank you Ravi. Glad to have contributed a little to your bucket list.

  8. Giriraj, your article is fairly balanced and ask too many questions without asking …. leaves lot to introspect…. where we and what are we leaving for future generations …we need more patriots who swear by constitution to live in divergent cultures that is India … US Capitol was red herring we all missed …. curse of being capital …Delhi like any Capital city will need to learn to live with lives of its’ peoples … thanks for the article

  9. Will be surprised the day Delhi NCR is not in news for chaos on the borders.
    AK doesn’t surprise us anymore .Look forward to some feni vending machines .
    Giraj a great blog as always.

  10. In a situation of ‘andher nagari, chaupat raja’, what will a Sherlock Holmes do?

  11. Haha! So glad that the Feni-vending machine idea is finding some traction.

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